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Metals as fencing material has been a popular choice for many property owners for ages. Metals such as aluminum and steel fences add a unique elegance to your home. Many years ago, people had far fewer options when int comes to metal fences. There was a time when the only choice for metal fencing was iron or wrought iron. While strong and beautiful, these materials are bound to succumb to rust in time.

Modern innovation has allowed the development of stronger and more durable metals that are engineered to withstand the test of time and even resist forces of nature such as harsh weather conditions. This resulted in the rise of steel and aluminum as one of the most popular materials for fences nowadays. Like iron, steel and aluminum can be formed into intricate ornamental designs. However, unlike iron, steel and aluminum are definitely stronger and more durable. At the Boston Fence Company, our materials for steel and aluminum fencing are supplied by the most reputable providers and manufacturers in the business to protect our customers.

If you are in the process of choosing between a steel or an aluminum fence, here is a comparison of both types for your guidance.

In terms of durability, both are superior when compared to other traditional materials like wood and chain link. Aluminum offers he advantage of being completely resistant to any corrosion. Steel is susceptible to rusting, which can be prevented by a chemical coating. In terms of cost, steel and aluminum can give you the bang for your buck. Steel tends to be more expensive than aluminum since it is studier and more resilient. However, both requires minimal maintenance and offers aesthetic appeal especially when you avail of the ornamental options.

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Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation Boston