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If you are looking for the most trusted name in the business of fence installation, there is no need to look further. We, the Fence Company of Boston has more than four decades of experience in under our belt. Our many successful years in the business is your guarantee that we are simply the most respectable name in the industry. During these decades, we have been of service to countless of happy customers. We have provided fences to numerous homes and businesses.


During these times, fence installation is something that no property owner should take for granted. Fences are considered not merely as decorations. Rather, they are now a necessity for the completion of a residential property or a commercial development. Fences offer the benefit of providing you with a private, isolated space, while keeping you secure and protected.

We at the Boston Fence company understand the unique needs that vary from client to client. Despite these differences, one thing common among clients is their concern regarding the quality of materials being used for their fences. Every client would require none other than the highest quality materials available in the market. This is the reason why we only get the materials we use for our fence projects from the most trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers in the area.

Our company, the Boston Fence Company has mastered the techniques of the trade when it comes to fence installation projects. Our many decades of experience have made us experts in terms of installing fences, from the planning phase up to the completion of each project. we have an expert who will take charge of the installation process, making sure that each step is done without a hitch. We also want to see to it that our processes would not significantly disturb you.

Many people mistakenly correlate good quality with high prices. In realty, it is possible for a reputable company like ours to provide the best quality services at very reasonable rates. we understand that budget can be the biggest consideration for some people. We aim to make sure that your fence needs can still be met even if your budget is limited.

In providing you with fences, we make it our goal to deliver you with fences that are both superior in terms of form and function. Therefore, the fence would not only be practical. Rather, they would also add beauty and sophistication to the exterior of your residential or commercial properties. With an appropriately designed fence, your property is surely going to stand out.

To see to it that we can cater to the diverse needs of our countless clients, we offer you many types of fences to choose from. We know that different places will have different requirements when it comes to fences. For example, your home will need a fence that is completely different from the fence that you will install in your farms or tennis courts. If you are uncertain about which type would be appropriate for you, our team can assist you to help you decide based on your liking, requirements, and budget.

Having served numerous happy clients over the many years we have been in business, we, the Boston Fence Company is one of the most trusted names in this industry. Ever since the year 1979, we have made the commitment that no step in the fence installation process shall be taken for granted.

For your inquiries regarding our fence installation services in Boston, call us today at 617-917-2681.


Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates to all our customers for all types of projects at no cost. Our decades in the industry taught us that clients truly value getting a reasonable and accurate estimate before agreeing to start a project. We have a team of professionals dedicated to the procedures of making an estimate. This includes a short visit at your place so that precise measurements can be recorded. The information obtained will be handled by our office staff, who will handle the rest of the process. If you want an estimate for any project, call us now at 617-917-2681.

How soon can you install my fence?

There are many things that can affect the time it will take to install your fence. Of these, the two important factors are the type of fence you selected as well as the time of the season in which it was acquired. If you chose a fence type that would require fabrication, the project can range from five to six weeks. If there is a need to fabricate and secure a number of permits, you may expect about five weeks. If no metal fabrication and no complicated permits are needed, the project can start within two to four weeks only.

How long will my fence installation take?

It is important for us to complete your projects as soon as possible. In many cases, we can finish the installation process within the time frame of just one week. Most of the time, the process of installing the fences is made up of about two or three working days. However, these two or three days are not in a row to allow time for settling or drying up of the cement. Also, highly customized ones will take more time than usual. For specifically customized fences, the time for project completion can incur an added time of two to three weeks.

Will you obtain a fence permit for my project?

Yes, there may be several permits we would need obtain prior to starting your fence installation project. Securing permits is a part of respecting and upholding local regulations, and we believe that this is our role as professionals. However, these permits cannot be acquired without your cooperation and support. Please take note of a few documents we would need from you to help us obtain permits:

  • Signature notarization
  • Approval from your neighborhood association
  • Signed forms from your neighbor
  • Mortgage survey

If you have inquiries regarding these requirements, please do not hesitate to call us. Our number is 617-917-2681.

What types of fencing materials do you install?

Different clients will have different needs for fences, and these fences may be made from many different types of materials. We, the Boston Fence Company aims to make sure that you have a variety of choices when it comes to your fences. The common materials used for our fences are metal such as aluminum or steel, vinyl, simtek, wood, chain link, and many more. These may be applied to either residential properties or even commercial developments. There are also options for every budget to make sure that we can cater to anyone who needs fences. For inquiries, feel free to call us at 617-917-2681.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

Whether you are installing a permanent fence or a temporary one, any fence installation project would entail some sort of modification of your property. This is the reason why fence installation projects may have some legal restrictions which can vary from one area to another. An example of these limitations is a zoning ordinance. This is a ruling the specifies sizes, placements, or even height of structures. Moreover, certain areas may set a limit on some fences, including its type, height, color, or design. We can help you check the restrictions in your area prior to having a fence installed.

Do I Need to Consult My Neighbors?

Usually, there is no straightforward ruling the explicitly obligates you to do any consultation with your neighbors regarding fence installation. However, you might wan to consider informing your neighbors about your projects. This is because the fence installation procedures may make some commotion in your neighborhood. Therefore, even if you are not required to do so, your neighbors would a appreciate information from you regarding the activities, including the length of time it is expected to finish. This can help keep your neighbors safe, especially when they have little children or curious toddlers in the household who may roam around the working spaces during fence installation.

How Deep Should My Fence Posts Be?

At the Boston Fence Company, you have various options for fences which would satisfy you requirements and preferences. These distinct types are made from different materials. This entails that there may be some variation on the depth of the fence posts depending on the material used. Typically, the depth of fence posts can measure at least three feet. This is the usual depth needed to make sure that the fences would be able to stand properly. Our expert crew would know exactly how deep each fence type is supposed to be. They are also experience enough in ensuring no unnecessary damage is caused by the digging procedures.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

Our expert workforce at the Boston Fence Company recommends that the fences should not touch the ground. According to them, directly touching the ground may result in damage to the materials used for the fence. Different materials may react differently to water coming from the ground. For example, wooden fences may be at more risk for water damage than other types. However, there are certain cases in which customers would prefer that the fence touches the ground. A gapless fence may be the fence type best suited for those who want to keep small rodents from coming into their property.

Does the Weather Affect the Installation?

We at the Boston Fence Company ensures that every project is well-prepared and thoroughly planned so that no problems will be encountered during the fence installation. However, the weather condition is one factor that none of us on the team can control. To alleviate this constraint, we make sure to consult with the local weather to reports to guide our planning in case a heavy downpour is anticipated. If the rain cannot be tolerated, we will temporarily halt operations to make sure that your fence will not be compromised. We aim to make sure that the job is delivered properly despite the unpredictable atmospheric conditions.

How Tall Should My Fence Be?

There are two factors which can influence how tall your fence will be. The first is your preferences, and the other is whether there are height limits for fences in your neighborhood. Your preference will also be affected by your needs. For example, if privacy is a must for you, you would prefer a relatively tall fence to shield your property from onlookers. On the other hand, a shorter fence may be a good choice for those who do not want their houses completely covered up. In some instances, a very tall fence is a must. This is the case for back stops and for baseball and softball fields.


How Long Will the Fence Last?

If a long-lasting fence is one of your priorities when you get fences installed, then you must really pay attention to your choice of materials. This is because some materials are naturally more long-lasting and durable than others. For example, vinyl and aluminum can last for over ten years. Some of the other factors that can influence the lifespan of your fences is your consistency when it comes to doing the suggested maintenance processes relayed to you by the fence company who installed it. These maintenance measures included annual painting in case of wooden fences. Special procedures may also be needed to protect them from water damage and certain insects.