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One of the factors that can influence the type of fence you will choose for your property is its location. In the average neighborhoods, the primary explanation for installing fences is for security and privacy reasons. However, in certain locations, there may be added considerations such as safety. This is especially important for those who have properties that are adjacent to roads bustling with fast-moving vehicles.

To address this issue of safety for properties near highways, owners have the option of having guard rails installed. In this way, the people within the property can be protected from road accidents, especially in the event that the vehicles suddenly skid and veer away from the road. On busy highways, it is common for motorists to drive at top speeds. Going beyond the speed limit makes them at risk of road accidents. During heavy downpours, there are many cases where vehicles slide away from the road and crash into nearby houses and establishments. If guard rails are in place, the people within the property have an extra layer of protection should an accident of this nature happen.

We at the Boston Fence Company can offer you some options for this type of fence. the following are the top three most commonly used.

Three-strand cable
This type of guard rail is one of the simplest and most basic ones there is. This is ideal for those who need guard rails under budget limitations. It would be important to remember that this may offer subpar protection compared to wood or steel types.

Wood guard rails
This makes use of good quality lumber designed to be able to stop fast-moving vehicles. However, this needs replacement every time it gets damaged.

Steel guard rails
We highly recommend a steel guard rail to those looking for a durable type that can withstand many forceful impacts without need for replacement whenever accidents happen.

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Guard rails Installation Boston