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SimTek fences are also known as Sherwood Fence or Allegheny Fence. this made from a substance called polyethylene which is made to resemble stones. Polyethylene material is essentially a durable type of plastic. This is one of the reasons why SimTek fences are very versatile. They can be formed into different sizes and into different styles and colors.

There are top five attributes why SimTek fences are very popular. These are its being durable, low maintenance, easy to install, affordability, and extra factors like soundproofing and privacy.

Durability is one of the selling points of SimTek fence. A lot of people mistake polyethylene as a weak material, when in fact, SimTek fences are engineered to resist harsh weather conditions and even forceful impacts

Compared to other types of fence such as wood, there is very little maintenance needed for SimTek fences to last for years. They are resistant to water damage, termite invasion, and even mold and mildew. SimTek fenes can last for years while still looking good as new.

In contrast to other fence types, SimTek fences also offer an added benefit of being easy to install. In addition to this, our team of experts can make it even easier and worry-free for you.

The raw materials for SimTek fences are inexpensive since they may be made from recycled materials. Moreover, since it is easy to install, the installation costs would not break your bank.

Lastly, SimTek fences have an added advantage of privacy and soundproofing. Since the material is gapless, privacy is optimal. It is guaranteed that there are no gaps for onlookers. Sounds from the outside such as busy streets can also be filtered out.

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